Business Tailor Consultancy

  • Increase your Business volume by up to 80%
  • Save costs by automating processes.
  • Increase the repeat purchase or customer’s visits by up to 60% by using the most advanced loyalty systems.
  • Get a steady stream of new customers with PWAs and automated Reviews systems.

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Develop your business

Be honest - is your business reaching its full potential? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We can revolutionise your business by using the latest app technology, including data analytics and geo-fencing.

Customer Loyalty

We think loyal customers are awesome and should be rewarded. Let us implement a loyalty system for you, so you can show them some love. Encourage repeat visits, increase engagement and grow your income!

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence allows you to optimize the decision-making process of your business. Observe, understand and decide the following steps to boost ROI. .

Improve your online presence

Your business will struggle if your customers can’t find you. A Business Tailor-designed mobile app will increase visibility and shoot you up the Google rankings. Page 1, here you come.

Business Tailor

In 2019, a functional, user-friendly website that is optimised for mobile is a necessity for anyone trying to grow their business. But, what else can you do to stand out from your competitors?
If you’re in the hotel, restaurant, gym, beauty salon, medical centre or similar industry, a customised app is another fantastic way of retaining customers, increasing brand awareness and driving revenue.
Business Tailor can custom design, or tailor (see what we did there?), an app to suit your business’ specific needs.

Native APP

Our native apps are compatible with Android and iOS and leverage leading edge technology (such as GPS) to allow your business reach its full potential. Sounds expensive, right? Wrong. Our prices are the most competitive on the market. Get a quote today.

Progresive Web APP

PWAs use modern web capabilities to give users an app-like experience, without them having to download anything. They are fast, reliable and engaging. A PWA will maximise your audience reach and increase conversions.


At Business Tailor, we believe every day is a school day. Enrol now on one of our state-of-the-art, advanced training courses and learn how the latest trends in mobile marketing, app development, sales, HR and customer support can grow your business.

Calling all small to medium sized business owners. Learn today how a customised, geo-fenced, Business Tailor-designed app can transform your business from good to great. You won’t regret it. Promise.

We like to work with:

Grow faster with our Holistic Marketing System

Our holistic marketing system consists of three elements:

  • An Android or iPhone mobile app for your business
  • A Business Intelligence Control Panel that allows you to understand your customer better
  • A range of Marketing Automation functions to help you scale your business.

Once your App is published, you can connect with your customers wherever they are, send geolocated offers, activate loyalty coupons, reduce operating costs and even strengthen your Social Media strategy thanks to virtualization integrations and functions.
A single platform to holistically boost all areas of your business.


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Business Tailor

Business Tailor is a team of professionals with extensive management experience in areas such as e-commerce, catering, B&Bs and leading teams in renowned multinationals. We also have industry experts on app and web development, digital marketing and content creation.